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I understand what you are going through. After all, I was a home owner before I became a Realtor®. I have experienced the same pain, problems, stress-points, and questions that you have.

With over a decade of extensive real estate experience and two decades in business management and sales, Sean demonstrates an unwavering sense of confidence, strong leadership abilities, and unwavering commitment to assisting clients in reaching their real estate objectives. His approach revolves around furnishing precise solutions to pertinent inquiries, maintaining open lines of communication throughout, and executing personalized plans in a meticulous manner.

In his personal life, Sean enjoys a fulfilling family dynamic with his beloved wife, Anna-Maria, with whom he shares the joy of raising five children, most of whom have now reached adulthood. Together, they share a passion for original art, fine wine, movies, and all things Marvel. Their leisure time often revolves around engaging in extensive hikes with their beloved Giant Schnauzer, Kovacs, and their Airedale Terrier, Riddick. Originally hailing from Hamilton and currently residing in Oakville, Sean has resided in various communities throughout the Golden Horseshoe region of Ontario.

Prior to discovering his calling in the real estate industry, Sean embarked on a successful career as a CNC Machinist and CAD/CAM programmer within the manufacturing sector. For 14 years, he effectively managed a family business alongside his father, garnering valuable experience in numerous domains. This tenure equipped him with honed organizational skills, adept analytical processing, adept marketing prowess, proficient human resource management, sales expertise, accounting acumen, and exceptional interpersonal abilities, all of which served as a strong foundation for his eventual transition into real estate. Recognizing his affinity for assisting individuals in navigating significant investment decisions, he seamlessly embraced a career in real estate after his father’s retirement in 2013. His clients appreciate the relaxed atmosphere he cultivates, complemented by a touch of humor that keeps interactions genuine and enjoyable.

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