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Uptown Core

Welcome to the heart of Oakville’s vibrant urban scene: Uptown Core! Nestled where Dundas Street meets Trafalgar Road, this bustling neighbourhood is a testament to new urbanism, seamlessly blending living, working, and playing into one dynamic experience.

Let’s delve into its past. Once part of Trafalgar Township, this area joined Oakville in 1962, transitioning from its agricultural roots to a thriving community. Families like Jones, Munn, Hays, Sullivan, and Fleming left their mark on this evolving landscape.

Now, envision life here. Picture pedestrian-friendly streets bustling with activity, where rear garages and front sidewalks encourage neighbourly chats and strolls. From Memorial Park to the Oak Park shopping center, community hubs beckon with promise.

For those seeking an urban vibe without the big city chaos, this neighbourhood delivers. Shopping and dining options abound, including a bustling Power Centre anchored by Wal-Mart. With over 50 shops, restaurants, and services at the Oakville Shopping Centre, convenience is always close at hand.

But what about housing? In this dynamic district, high-density living reigns supreme, with modern stacked townhomes and sleek condominium buildings dominating the landscape. Whether you’re eyeing a cozy 1-bedroom unit or a spacious 3-bedroom townhome, there’s a place for every lifestyle.

Ready to unwind? Embrace pedestrian and bicycle accessibility as you explore nearby conservation areas or unwind in greenspaces like Memorial Park and Town Centre Square. And let’s not forget about the arts – Sheridan College’s Trafalgar campus offers a wealth of creative opportunities, from arts and design programs to live theatre performances.

Now, let’s talk stats. With high walkability and bike-ability, plus convenient access to public transit, navigating this area is a breeze. While greenspace might be limited, the neighbourhood’s vibrant energy more than makes up for it.

In conclusion, Uptown Core isn’t just a place to live – it’s a lifestyle. So whether you’re a young professional, a couple searching for your first home, or a family seeking a vibrant community to call home, this neighbourhood welcomes you with open arms.


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