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Choosing the Right Market, NOT the Popular One.

Choosing the Right Market, NOT the Popular One.Are you following the MACRO market or the MICRO market? There is a huge difference.Understanding the real estate market can feel like trying to navigate a maze sometimes. You hear all sorts of things in the news – big predictions, sweeping statements about market crashes, and so on. But is that really what's happening in your neighbourhood? Probably...

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Real Estate Opportunity in the Winter? Fortune Favors the Bold.

While winter may be the least desirable time for some, it provides opportunities for those looking to make a cost-effective move with added benefits such as unique property perspectives and real estate market advantages.Moving during the winter months can be a challenging task, as the cold weather, snow, and icy conditions can present obstacles that are not typically encountered in other seasons. However,...

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Selling Privately: Navigating the Complexities or Choosing a REALTOR

The added benefits of errors and omissions insurance, coupled with liability protection, underscore the comprehensive support that realtors provide in safeguarding the interests of their clients. Opting for a private sale might seem like a cost-effective alternative, but delving into this DIY approach reveals a labyrinth of complexities. The initial step involves accurately determining the market value of...

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